Central Dust / Mobile options

Central Dust Collection Systems

  • Compact size to conserve valuable ground space or option for support frame off side of silo
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
    • change the reusable cartridges from the exterior ? no tools required
    • filter element can be changed without entering the collector
    • electronically controlled reverse air pulsation for continuous cleaning
  • Aerodynamic design
    • permits free-fall of dislodged dust to the extra steep collection hopper
    • prevents direct impingement of dust particles on the media minimizing
      abrasion and build-up
  • Heavy duty (high frequency) blower
  • Control box complete with
  • Magnetic starter
  • Magnehelic gauge for inspecting condition of cartridges
  • Stationary back in hood
  • Duct work package
  • Automatic recycle system including 10HP blower and starter, bin level indicator,
  • Actuator, vibrator and solenoid on butterfly valve with necessary controls and timer
  • Steam damper

Portable RCC Mixer

Wet Batching From Any Dry Batch Plant!


  • Our motor control center is:
    • complete with starters and controls for the conveyors and Sicoma mixer
    • 3rd party UL and CSA approved
    • pre-wired to starters in liquid tight metallic flex conduit
  • Sicoma twin shaft mixer with automatic high-pressure washout system
  • Full width access hatch allows easy access and includes two inspection ports and a high security positive disconnect lock
  • Optional sizes available
  • Heavy duty frame
  • 20,000 lb. axle transportation systems, with air brakes, turning signals and 5th wheel
  • Bolt on removable expanded metal work platform for access to motor control center, pumps and mixer


Ultra-mobile, Highly Portable Concrete Batch Plant
Your Concrete Solution for On-the-job Production!

Skyrocketing fuel prices. Labor costs. Traffic delays. You need every advantage.


  • 12 yard cement batcher
  • 70 ton aggregate storage
  • 20hp motors on screws
  • CSA approved motor control center


  • 12 yard cement batcher
  • 65 ton aggregate storage
  • 15hp motors on screws
  • Not available